In Q4 2016, Capital Aviation Group,”CAG” was formed to provide the same proven customized sale-leaseback services to the aviation industry.
With the involvement of industry experts and a dedicated business focus, CAG plans to be the preferred provider of long-term real estate capital.

For leading aviation industry operators, CAG will service the following property types:

Airport Infrastructure

Air Cargo



Customer Financial Benefits
      • Deleverage, enhance cash flow
      • Improve ROI/ROE
      • Superior deal cadence
      • No personal guarantees
      • Maximize financing flexibility
      • Property substitution capability
      • Interest rate hedge
      • Mitigate risks for business
      • Dedicated aviation industry team
Ramp up your returns
    • 100% financing for acquisition and construction of aviation properties
    • Finance facility image upgrades
    • Finance expansions of hangars, fuel farms, maintenance facilities
    • Estate planning and partner buyouts
    • Diversify business investments
  • For more information on working with Capital Aviation Group, please contact one of our Advisory Board Members.